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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you want to know about Triton, our tungsten carbide rings and more


Tungsten Carbide is a uniquely forged metal used in luxury watches that is perfect for a man’s active lifestyle. It’s strong, scratch resistant and will maintain its finish over time with normal use.

Triton Tungsten Carbide TC.850 actually stands for a formula consisting of approximately 85% Tungsten Carbide, yielding a strong, heavy weight, hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant material. This uniquely forged metal is perfect for a day to day activity

Triton TC.850 utilizes exclusive patented nano-technology coatings applied to the surface of the metal using a unique method that results in high scratch-resistance, high wear-resistance and increased hardness and durability. The patented metal’s micro grain structure provides tighter, more compressed molecules, creating the best balance between hardness and its lustrous finish.

Tungsten Carbide is the most scratch resistant metal in the jewelry and bridal industries. The materials that combine to make Tungsten Carbide retain their finish over time with normal use. All colors of Tungsten Carbide (black, white, classic gray, yellow & rose) are scratch resistant.

At 1300 Vickers, or over 8.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, Triton’s Tungsten Carbide TC.850™ is the hardest material available in bands behind a diamond. In comparison, Triton’s Tungsten Carbide TC.850 is 10 times harder than 18K gold and has substantial, luxurious weight similar to platinum.

Tungsten Carbide’s natural color is a deep gray. Triton’s Tungsten Carbide is a lustrous gray due to our TC.850™ patented content. Triton offers TC.850 in 5 colors: white, black, classic gray, yellow & rose.

Triton’s white Tungsten Carbide obtains its lustrous color through a patented nano-technology multi-layered coating applied to the surface of the metal. The proprietary coating process is specifically designed to enhance the color and provide extra protection and durability to prolong the life and luster of TC.850™ white. Triton’s white Tungsten Carbide is highly scratch, tarnish, wear and fade-resistant and designed to last. (US Patent No. 8,932,437 B2 / 8,927,107 B2 / 8,956,510 B2)

Yellow & rose Tungsten Carbide obtain their colors through a proprietary metal blend that includes yellow & rose gold that helps provide the lustrous look of precious yellow & rose gold with the performance of TC.850™. The proprietary metal blend is applied using the same patented multi-layer technical bonding process as white Tungsten Carbide.

Yellow & rose TC.850™ colors are sealed with a proprietary semi-translucent nano-technology coating that is comprised of rare earth metals and applied using a unique method to help sustain the vibrant and lustrous colors. The proprietary coating and process is specifically designed to enhance the color and provide extra protection and durability to prolong the life and luster of TC.850 yellow and rose.

The rich luxurious color of black Tungsten Carbide results from a durable black Titanium Carbide deposit that is applied using a state of the art process that deposits thin layers of color in a high temperature, vacuum environment.

Laser engraving can be applied to any color – white, classic gray, black, yellow or rose – in the Triton TC.850™ Tungsten Carbide collection.

Titanium is a strong, hypoallergenic, lustrous, and corrosion resistant metal. Because it’s resistant to corrosion in sea water and chlorine, you’ll often see it used in aerospace, automotive, sporting goods, and other applications. Triton Titanium is commercial grade, lightweight and strong so that it’s comfortable and easy to wear. Naturally gray in color, Triton Titanium rings are available in gray and black.

Yes. Our Stainless Steel 316L is the highest quality stainless steel, that’s not only scratch resistant but also lightweight and hypoallergenic. You can work, play, and do everyday activities without worrying about it scratching. Its sleek modern feel means it’s always in fashion.

Damascus Steel was a type of steel used for manufacturing sword blades. These swords were well-known for distinctive patterns of banding and mottling reminiscent of flowing water. Our handcrafted Damascus adapts the strength and beauty of these ancient swords and pairs with Tungsten Carbide to create a ring that is unique and unmistakably strong.

Triton rings range from size 7 to 13 including ½ sizes

Warranty & Care

Your Triton ring, designed and crafted to exacting quality standards is warranted against imperfection in design, materials or workmanship. Any ring not meeting these standards will be repaired or replaced. Your ring must be sent to TRITON by first contacting customer service in order for this warranty to be valid. If any party other than TRITON has worked on your ring, the warranty coverage terminates.  The Triton warranty does not cover rings that have been personalized or engraved. 

While not wearing your Tungsten Carbide ring, store it separately in a small pouch or bag so it will not scratch other, softer metal jewelry items. To clean your Tungsten Carbide ring, mix a few drops of mild detergent (household soap works well) with warm water, dampen a soft cloth with the mixture and rub the surface of the ring to remove dirt and oil. You can then use a cotton swab to clean any hard to reach grooves or around diamonds. Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft cloth. As with all jewelry, avoid contact with any harsh chemicals including household products such as ammonia, bleach and chlorine. If your Tungsten Carbide ring does come in contact with any of the above chemicals, clean the ring right away using the above cleaning instructions.

Yes, you can safely remove a Tungsten Carbide ring utilizing a vice grip removal method. This safe and simple process calls for a vice grip to be placed firmly over the ring with increasing force applied by gradually increasing the pressure of the vice grip. As the pressure increases the ring will eventually crack and can be removed safely from the finger.

Purchasing Information

Yes you may purchase directly on or visit our authorized retail partners.  You can find the one nearest you byclicking here.

We collect Sale Tax in nine states:

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Check out our ring sizer page where you can order a free ring sizer or download a pdf to help you determine your size

Your ring comes secured in a black ring box that will be packed in a discreet corrugated box. 

Your credit card will be billed at the time of purchase

All orders $599 or more will require an adult signature upon delivery.  

If you need to edit your order, please reach out to customer care. We will do our best to accommodate any edits that need to be made depending on the request and how far along your order is in the process. If you need to cancel your order, please contact customer care for assistance.

You’ll receive a shipping confirmation email that includes your tracking number once your order ships. Please note that engraved rings take an additional 2 days to process once the order is received. Custom rings are made just for you! Please allow 2-3 weeks to ship once the order is received. For any additional questions please contact customer care.

Business Practices

Triton is committed to responsible and ethical sourcing. All materials are sourced by Frederick Goldman, Inc. who is a certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council (RJC). The RJC is a standards-setting organization that has been established to advance responsible ethical human rights, social and environmental practices throughout the supply chain.

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    We suggest you do not use string or paper to measure ring size as they can easily yield an inaccurate measurement.
      Men’s ring sizes
      Triton rings range from size 7 to 13 including ½ sizes
      Limited Warranty
      Triton wants to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our jewelry, therefore all Triton rings are warranted against imperfections in design, material, and/or workmanship